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Set a goal and put all the chances on your side to reach it with our all-in-one programs!

You want to become a Champion and surpass yourself day after day? Our coaches and nutrition experts have developed unique programs to accompany you and help you reach your goal, whatever it may be: mass gain and muscle gain from beginner to expert, performance, drying or slimming and recovery.

In these programs, you will find your food supplements as well as an e-book including the guide to use your supplements, a nutritional plan and a training plan to follow every day!

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To help you reach your goal, our coaches and nutrition experts have developed all-in-one programs to help you achieve it. Our all-in-one sports programs include your food supplements with a user guide, a nutritional plan and a training plan. You can find programs for gaining mass or muscle whether you are a beginner or an expert. Programs for your intensive training are also available. Finally, there are programs adapted for weight loss or weight loss.

These programs will allow you to progress in an accompanied, safe and fast way. All the dosages of the food supplements are indicated in the user guide to be followed day after day. In your training plan, you will find exercises adapted to your objective with precise indications on the series, recovery times and movements to be performed. Finally, your nutritional plan includes precise information on your daily needs, advice, meal ideas and a shopping list.

Our entire team of experts wants to give you the keys to achieve results and make you a champion whatever your goal!

Our Muscle Gain Programs

You will find the Dry Muscle Gain Program divided into 4 levels: beginner, advanced, confirmed and expert. This program aims to make you gain dry muscle and therefore obtain a more athletic or more voluminous physique. The Special Dry Muscle Program allows you to start building muscle easily and get results quickly. The Special Abs Program focuses on building a strong abdominal muscles. Our Muscle Shaper Program will help you build muscle. Finally our Day & Night Muscle Gain Program is ideal for continuous muscle growth to maximize gains.

Our Mass Gaining Programs

You can start or push your mass gain to the maximum with our Mass Gain Program, also available in 4 levels: beginner, advanced, confirmed and expert. In addition, the Volume & Strength Program will allow you to considerably increase your performance and your muscle volume.

Our Performance Training Programs

Our Muscle Recovery Program will help you optimize your muscle recovery, rebuild your muscles and improve their volume. You can gain power and intensity during your sessions with our Energy Fitness Program. Finally, the Intensive Training Program will allow you to intensify your workouts and perform even better!

Our Men's Drying Programs

Amongst our dryness programs, you can find our Special Abs Program which consists of building the muscles of the abdominal muscles. Our Abdos Sculpt Program will sculpt your abs and refine your waistline quickly. Last but not least, the Extreme Dryness Program will allow you to dry out and eliminate as much fat as possible in order to obtain a drier and sharper physique.

Our Women's Slimming Programs

Our flagship slimming program is the Extreme Slimming Program, the women's version of the Extreme Dry Program, which acts on all the key mechanisms of weight loss. Our Remodeling Fitness Program helps build a firm and shapely figure. To target the abdominal muscles, you can follow the Flat Belly Program as well as the Flat Belly Sculpt Program to obtain a flat or flat and shapely stomach. Finally, you can find the Anti-Cellulite Slimming Program and the Anti-Water Retention Slimming Program to target these typically female problems... And, if you want to target your thighs and buttocks, choose the Thighs and Buttocks Slimming Program!