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There are a few simple basic principles to pass a milestone of muscle mass gain quickly. The combination of 3 factors is necessary to induce muscle hypertrophy, i.e. the development of new fibers via an adapted training, a quality diet and a sufficient recovery.

Muscle gain is due to a physiological phenomenon called "overcompensation". It occurs when the muscle is subjected to a shock and significant stress. The body, in response to this stress, will produce a greater quantity of muscle fibers. Thus, the physique will improve and progress rapidly by gaining muscle. By training intensively, the muscle will be shocked to the maximum and will be forced to regenerate before the next training session, becoming bigger.

How to gain muscle volume quickly?


Regular and intensive muscle training will cause stress on the muscle tissue, then an overcompensation reaction will be triggered, repairing the damaged muscle fibers and making more. The muscle will then be stronger and bigger to better resist the following training, this phenomenon is called "hypertrophy". Intensity is the key to a good workout, which is why it is necessary to increase the level of effort over the course of the sessions and to increase the intensity to progress. The constant adaptation of the muscles to the stress of training will allow the gain of muscle. The more intense the training, the more the body will be in condition. It is recommended to perform mostly basic exercises with very heavy loads. At the end of each exercise, you should perform a final lighter series, until you fail, to saturate and congest the muscle. Finally, at the end of the session, isolation exercises should be performed to target a specific area of the muscle group worked. The aim is to obtain maximum congestion. Thanks to the increase in training intensity, the muscle will be forced to develop in order to adapt to these new physical requirements.

Nutrition is essential

The muscle is not designed to grow but to preserve itself, so it uses proteins from food and carbohydrates. It is necessary to provide it with the right food, especially proteins at regular intervals. When the body is subjected to an extreme effort, it is obliged to accelerate its reconstruction. Thanks to the quality proteins provided, it will be able to recreate new fibers and tissues. Eating about 5 meals a day allows to maintain a constant blood sugar level and to stay in the muscle gain phase. In order to gain dry muscle, it is necessary to give priority to carbohydrates with a low Glycemic Index (GI). You should also avoid fast sugars and saturated fats. Providing proteins, with each food intake, allows them to be fully assimilated. Indeed, the body cannot store them for use when needed. Food is therefore essential to gain muscle mass.

Recovered well

Recovery is an important phase. Muscle only develops during the rest and recovery phase, hence the importance of respecting the rest time between sessions. If you train too early, you may find yourself overtraining, which slows down muscle growth. On the contrary, leaving too much recovery time can block muscle growth. The ideal is to train 4 to 5 times a week. Recovery is also a key moment of peak hormonal activity. The shock of training and physical effort causes a hormonal drop. To recover and regenerate, the body boosts hormonal activity. In particular, to synthesize new muscle fibers, it needs to increase its hormonal activity and its production of testosterone.

What supplements to gain mass?

Creatine is the most effective supplement to accelerate the gain of strength and volume. It allows the re-synthesis of ATP. The muscle works more explosively and recovers more easily and quickly. It allows to develop more strength with a maximum of intensity and helps to build new muscle fibers. By retaining water in the cells, it gives volume to the muscles.

The volumizers will increase the volume of the muscles. During long and repeated sets, nitric oxide is released and causes blood to flow into the muscles and dilate the blood vessels. A nitric oxide stimulator will amplify the phenomenon and obtain a good congestion more quickly. The volumizers will act directly on the congestion and therefore the volume of the muscles.

Proteins are combinations of amino acids and contribute to muscle development. During a training session, the body is solicited and if its protein intake is not sufficient, the body will not be able to build muscle. Taking proteins or amino acids is therefore a good way to rebuild the muscle and boost its development.

Hormonal stimulants are very powerful formulas that increase the natural production of testosterone or growth hormone (GH). The body will be able to fix proteins and accelerate muscle growth.

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