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    Extreme Dry Program
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      454 Review(s)
      Drier physique and more visible muscle definition
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      Extreme Dry Program
      Drier physique and more visible muscle definition
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      454 Review(s)
      Extreme Dry Program
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        Drier physique and more visible muscle definition
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        The principle of our weight loss programs is to guide you to learn how to eat better, in reasonable but sufficient quantities to provide each meal with the essential nutrients to cover your daily needs and avoid hunger. In addition, you will need to have a regular workout based on cardio, strength training and muscle building exercises to refine your figure and distribute your muscle mass harmoniously.

        In order to achieve a successful weight loss program, you must be rigorous and diligent. Through the programs, our experts provide you with valuable advice, a line of conduct to follow, to put all the chances on your side to achieve the goal you have set.

        What are Superset Nutrition programs?

        Our programs are all-in-one solutions developed specifically for different sports objectives. Each program contains the must-have food supplements dedicated to a specific objective but also a complete user guide, a nutritional plan with meals and a recommended shopping list, as well as a complete training plan including adapted exercises.

        What is a dry run?

        In bodybuilding, a dry period consists of reducing the level of fat mass while maintaining muscle mass. The goal is to obtain more visible and more defined muscles by sharpening the physique. Bodybuilding enthusiasts generally perform it after a period of mass gain to optimize their muscle definition by eliminating the layer of fatty tissue that often develops during mass gain. To allow the process of drying, it is necessary to be in a caloric deficit in order to draw on fat reserves.

        Hormones and lean

        A high insulin peak can promote the storage of fat mass, which is why, during a weight loss period, we must favor carbohydrates with a low glycemic index such as whole grains or legumes. The glycemic index measures the amount of insulin secreted to maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood.

        When insulin cannot store glucose in the muscles or liver, it converts carbohydrates into triglycerides and stores them in the fat cells. This causes an increase in body fat. In order to dry out, we must therefore start by reducing insulin peaks by lowering the intake of high GI carbohydrates (refined sugar, processed foods, certain fruits, etc.).


        Estrogen promotes the development of body fat. Women have a higher level of estrogen than men, so they have more body fat than men. It is necessary to increase testosterone levels to reduce estrogen levels. The ingredients that fulfill this function are boron, zinc, vitamin D3, etc... There are also nutrients that can block aromatase. By lowering the level of estrogen, the dryness will be more qualitative and allows a positive hormonal control in favor of testosterone which increases the dry muscle mass.


        It favors the development of muscles and the reduction of fat mass. It is therefore possible to take a testosterone booster to build muscle mass and to lose weight.


        It is the worst hormone to develop muscle mass and reduce body fat. Indeed, this hormone is secreted by the adrenal glands in response to major stress, it destroys the muscle tissue to make blood glucose. Cortisol will increase the concentration of blood glucose to mobilize the body's energy reserves. Poorly managed stress involves the elevation of cortisol and therefore the destruction of muscle mass. To reduce cortisol, it is possible to use plants or nutrients with an anti-stress effect or certain amino acids also lower cortisol levels (BCAA, Glutamine...).

        Thyroid hormones

        They are directly responsible for the rise in metabolism. They are involved in thermogenesis, a phenomenon that uses the body's fat reserves as a fuel source. Tyrosine and foods containing iodine such as fish, seafood, seaweed, fresh garlic, currants and blackberries are beneficial for thyroid health.

        Hormonal balance is therefore also a key factor for a successful dry period, along with a suitable diet and physical activity.

        Which foods are best for drying?

        In the dry phase, proteins are essential. A sufficient and well distributed intake will allow you to maintain your muscle mass and keep your metabolism high, allowing you to burn a maximum of calories. In addition, it will be necessary to adapt the portions of carbohydrates to push the body to use its reserve fat. Therefore, choose low glycemic index carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, quinoa, wholemeal pasta and rice... You should choose good fats from fatty fish, avocados, oilseeds, olive oil or coconut oil. Vegetables should also be included in your menus, as they are satiating and low-calorie foods and contribute to acid-base balance.

        Drinking well is also very important for a successful dry run. A poorly hydrated body will retain water... It is therefore recommended to consume at least 2 L to 2.5 L of water per day, adding 500 ml during intense efforts or hot weather.

        The best food supplements for the dryness ?

        Fat burners

        The effect of the dryness is accompanied by a slowdown of the metabolism and a fatigue that will have to be countered. The fat burners supplements allow to boost the metabolism despite a low caloric intake. It is therefore interesting to use fat burners to boost the dryness.


        As mentioned above, you need to drink a lot of water to eliminate it properly. A draining supplement will chase away water retention and accentuate the effect of the diet.


        Protein powders can supplement a meal that is too low in protein or replace snacks that are impossible to take at work! Whey protein or casein can therefore increase the proportion of protein in the diet but also preserve the muscles from muscle loss.

        Amino acids

        Among the amino acids, there are two essential supplements. BCAAs, which protect lean mass from muscle loss during the diet, and glutamine, which accelerates the repair of muscle fibers and recovery. Such supplementation therefore limits catabolism and helps reduce fatigue.

        What training during the dry period?

        It is recommended to lower the loads and increase the number of sets/repetitions during a dry period. Indeed, the muscles have less energy and strength... Cardio, on the other hand, allows you to increase your caloric expenditure and thus achieve a dry physique more quickly.

        So come and try our all-in-one programs for your dryness: Extreme Dryness, Abdos Sculpt and Special Abdos!