The programs

We have developed programs to play on the complementarity of the products and meet different objectives. These programs are associated with an e-book, which addresses the products, nutrition and training to improve the body's physical performance and target specific needs.

Choose your goal

Tenfold results thanks to the complementarity of the products

Our goal? We have decided to develop our programs in the same way as we develop our products: to potentiate their formulas by adding an active ingredient to generate a real synergy.The combination of 2 to 5 supplements will increase the effectiveness of the products tenfold and offer rapid results.

The plus? In addition to the products, you will receive a complete e-book, which will address the 3 fundamentals of any sports goal: training, nutrition and supplementation. Follow the recommendations and start your transformation!

What is an e-book made of?

A dosage of supplements to follow step by step

Each program has been thought out and elaborated with a specific dosage on the supplements. Follow the guide !

A nutritional plan

Nutrition plays a major role in results. Our team has therefore focused on the development of adapted food plans.

A training plan

Our sports coaches have carefully worked out specific training plans to optimize results.

Muscle gain

Do you want a more athletic and muscular physique, building muscle mass? Then these programs are for you!

We have defined several levels of intensity according to your years of practice so that they are adapted to your needs.

Weight gain

Programs specially designed to help you gain mass, increase volume, and increase the intensity of your sessions.

Find the right one for you and start your transformation now!


Perfect for working on your cardio and endurance, boosting your metabolism, improving your stamina, promoting recovery, and especially increasing your explosiveness!

Their goal? Feed your muscle fiber to build powerful muscles.


Maximize your results with our programs specially designed to stimulate fat burning and increase muscle definition while preserving muscle mass

Reduce your body fat without losing muscle mass to tone your body.


A synergy of supplements that will allow you to accelerate your weight loss thanks to an optimal fat burning action.

The goal? To promote the destocking and elimination of fats.