Slimming Women

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Losing weight and losing fat are not the same thing. When you lose weight, you also lose muscle and targeting fat loss is not easy... To lose fat, you need to combine a caloric deficit and adapted sports training in order to stimulate the metabolism and burn fat. It is important to take your time to change your habits and to have long-term results. There are several reasons to lose fat: aesthetics and health.

What are the fat storage areas?
On the thighs

Women naturally store fat in the lower part of their body, especially on their thighs. This is physiological. Since weight loss cannot be targeted, to lose fat on the thighs, you must follow the same nutritional rules, i.e., a reasonable calorie deficit, and physical activity to promote the removal of fat and make them more toned.

For the arms

Some body types will store more fat in the arms. Refining the arms will not be done without refining the whole body... Once again, an adapted diet associated with cardio and specific exercises will be the only solution to get rid of chubby arms.

On the back

The back is one of the areas where fat is the most difficult to remove... But a healthy lifestyle combined with a caloric deficit will eliminate these resistant fats.

Water retention

This phenomenon is located in the legs and joints. It is often painful. Eliminating water retention is an effective way to refine your figure and feel better about your body.

The role of the lymphatic system is to circulate lymph from the feet to the head. The lymph nodes in the groin, armpits and abdomen are responsible for filtering the lymph and eliminating toxins and bacteria. They alone evacuate 80% of the waste products from our cells. It takes about 24 hours for our lymphatic system to go around our body. If it is not working properly, the system becomes blocked and excess unfiltered fluid gets trapped and causes swelling. In order to boost the lymphatic system, it is necessary to boost the blood circulation in order to evacuate it towards the lymph nodes. Swimming or aquabiking can be used to boost the system.


Lipodystrophy is the scientific term given to cellulite. It is the orange peel appearance that appears. This aspect comes from a bad distribution of fat cells which is, itself, influenced by our hormones estrogens and progesterones. When food intake provides more energy than the body expends each day, an imbalance is created. The fat cells will therefore increase in volume and press against the epidermis.

What foods should I eat to lose weight?

You should prefer whole, unprocessed foods and limit sugars and saturated fats. Rapidly assimilated sugars cause a spike in insulin that favors the storage of excess sugars in the adipocytes. In addition, carbohydrates bind to water and can cause water retention. It is therefore necessary to consume enough protein and to favor fresh foods, fruits and vegetables that will help rebalance the body and aid in weight loss.

To drain

Green tea is a real ally in weight loss. It increases the metabolism and allows to burn more calories. It also has a diuretic effect that detoxifies the body. Artichoke, with its high potassium content, stimulates the renal function and thus promotes the elimination of toxins. Finally, cherry stems contain flavonoids and potassium salts that cleanse the body.

The baobab

Rich in vitamins C, A, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, it allows you to lose weight while limiting deficiencies.


Konjac is a plant rich in fiber but low in calories. Its fibers have the ability to absorb a large amount of water, allowing to fill the stomach and limit satiety. It acts as an appetite suppressant.


Considered as a fat burner, this plant is rich in caffeine and recommended in many diets. Its high caffeine content stimulates the metabolism in order to eliminate the fat accumulated in the adipose tissue. Its use is, however, not recommended to pregnant women, elderly people and those with cardiovascular risks because of its high caffeine content.


Very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, lemons are a great ally in maintaining health. On an empty stomach in the morning, it helps to cleanse the stomach and restore the body's acid-base balance.

Slimming gels

These gels are a support during a dietary rebalancing associated with a sports program. They are not a miracle solution, but they do help to improve the appearance of the skin. The massage gesture operates a mini-drainage and makes it easier to eliminate cellulite. The massage must be vigorous and you must not hesitate to pinch the skin and roll it to loosen the fat cells and make the active ingredients penetrate.

Which sport should I practice for weight loss?

Cardio will help burn fat. By creating a caloric deficit between energy intake and expenditure, weight loss will be effective. Strength training will facilitate the removal of fat while building muscle mass. This will allow you to obtain a refined and toned physique!