Extreme Dry Program
Extreme Dry Program
Extreme Dry Program
Extreme Dry Program
Extreme Dry Program
Extreme Dry Program
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    Extreme Dry Program

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    Extreme Dry Program

      Get a leaner physique and more visible muscle definition with your all-in-one program developed by our team of experts. You will find your supplements with a complete e-book to follow to quickly reduce your fat and get back your athletic physique.

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      Ready for an extreme dry?

      For a fast and long-lasting dryness, without being hungry, you will have to destock, destock and destock again...This program will help you dry, eliminate excess fat and water retention!

      Our team of experts Superset Nutrition has developed this all-in-one program to help you reach your goal of extreme lean.

      Follow it for 4 weeks to get a leaner, fitter physique! You'll find a guide on how to use your supplements as well as a nutritional plan and a training plan.

      The products of the Extreme Dryness program

      Your goal here is to reduce your body fat while maintaining your muscle mass to achieve a sculpted physique and more visible muscles.

      Guide to use your specific products day after day

      You'll see, follow the directions below and post a dry and drawn physique in 4 weeks!

      An E-book to reach your goal

      In addition to your nutritional supplements, you will receive in your mailbox the nutritional and training plans that will accompany you in your transformation.

      An illustrated food plan

      On the basis of a balanced diet rich in proteins with a slight caloric deficit so that the body draws on its fat reserves.

      An illustrated training plan

      Developed by our coaches to lose fat while maintaining high muscle volume and basal metabolic rate.

      The recommended intake of your supplements in this program may differ from the advice on the use of single supplements. Here, the recommendations are adapted to the combination of supplements in your program.

      Warning: These products contain potent active agents usually used by experienced athletes. Respect the progressive dosages indicated.

      The first week of this guide is a period of adaptation during which your body will store the active ingredients. The following weeks will intensify the action of these natural active ingredients to promote the appearance of results. It is possible that you may lack certain supplements towards the end of your program. This will not impact your progress in any way. Simply continue to take the others. Also, if you have any left over after the end of your program, you can finish them.

      RENEWAL: This program can be renewed on a regular basis in combination with a suitable diet to continue losing as much body fat as possible.

      Redburn Hardcore:

      Nutritional information 1 dose (4 capsules) % AR*
      Green tea extract (camellia sinensis) 1000 mg
      of which caffeine 100 mg
      Cinnamon extract (Cinnamon Verum) 400 mg
      Cayenne pepper extract (capsicum annuum) 200 mg
      L-Tyrosine 300 mg
      Niacin (Vitamin B3) 10 mg 63%
      Iodine 51 µg 34%
      *Reference intake
      Ingredients :
      Green tea leaf extract (camellia sinensis), Cinnamon bark extract (Cinnamon Verum), Rice flour, L-Tyrosine, Anticaking agent: Magnesium stearate, Enteric-coated pepper fruit extract (capsicum annuum), Niacin, Potassium iodide.

      Oxydrine Xtrême:

      Nutritional values 1 dose (4 capsules)
      Green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis) 400 mg
      of which caffeine 40 mg
      Artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolimus) 80 mg
      Extract of cherry stems (Prunus Cerasus) 550 mg
      Dandelion extract (Taraxacum Oficinale) 1000 mg
      Manganese 2 mg (100% RA*)
      *AR: Reference intake for an adult
      Ingredients :
      Extract 16-19:1 of dandelion [taraxacum officinale] (root), extract 10:1 of cherry stems [prunus cerasus] (stem), extract 8:1 of green tea [camellia sinensis] (leaf), thickener: dipotassium phosphate, stabilizer: calcium carbonate, extract 10:1 of artichoke [cynara scolimus] (leaf bract), manganese sulphate, anti-binding agent: magnesium stearate, bovine gelatin, coloring agent (copper-chlorophyll complexes).

      Carni Max:

      Nutritional information 1 dose (2 capsules) % RDA*
      L-Carnitine 1000 mg
      Choline 220 mg
      Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 2,6 mg 232%
      *Reference intake
      Ingredients :
      L-carnitine tartrate, choline bitartrate, anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate, thiamine mononitrate, bovine gelatin, coloring (copper-chlorophyll complexes).




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      Programme satisfaisant

      Je viens de finir le programme, -6kilos, j’ai bien sécher


      Au top

      Il suffit d'être bien assidue et ne pas s'attendre à voir quelque chose tout de suite mais plutôt vers la fin du programme,Et ça marche vraiment, j'en suis raviUne bonne dose de sport et voila



      Après 4 semaines d'utilisation, des bons repas équilibrés, du sport 5 jours sur 7 , j'ai réussi à perdre 9kg, j'en ai essayé plusieurs des produits et c'est le seul qui à vraiment fonctionné, Petite pause de 2 semaines , et là je viens de recommander ce produit pour continuer à perdre ,


      Satisafait bon départ pour la suite

      Je sort de 8 mois de double hernie discal et forcément sport moins intensif craquage dans la bouffe/fête etc,,, donc prise de gras et poids,Après avoir suivi à la lettre le programme PDF envoyé sur 4 semaines, J'ai perdu 7kg et 4% de masse grasse,J'ai pris les 3 complements comme indiqué dans le programme, de la whey isolate scitec nutrition pour le collation 2,je n'ai pas pris de caseine ni la collation 3, Je suis satisfait et cela m'a donné un départ pour la suite de mes objectifs


      Un peu déçu

      Je suis déçu des nouvelles formules ,j?espère anciennes y avait l effet coupe faim que je ne retrouve pas avec celle ci et d habitude je pers au moins 5kg et la quasi rien ,