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Among the product lines developed by our team of experts is the Hardcore Line. This range meets the needs of expert athletes, looking for volume, performance and explosiveness. Indeed, the formulas contain powerful active ingredients, which together, allow to maximize results and to exceed one's objectives. For visible results, the supplements are to be associated with a good diet and an adapted physical activity.

The Whey Hardcore

Its composition is explosive, its quantities are ultra precise to achieve the perfect balance to support muscle anabolism. With 26g of protein per dose, creatine and taurine, it helps repair and build muscle fibers for optimal muscle gain. The creatine allows to give more volume to the muscles and to better define them. It also allows to improve the physical capacities to increase the intensity of your sessions.

BCAA Hardcore

Its formula is just as complex, L-Citrulline and malic acid to improve performance and relieve pain during exercise. You will be able to make more intensive trainings, to support the development of your muscular mass and to gain in volume.

Redburn Hardcore

With its powerful and innovative formula, our Redburn Hardcore has become the number one selling product. It is our most effective fat burner. It combines the effects of green tea and capsaicin to help slim down. Green tea will increase thermogenesis and contribute to fat oxidation. Capsaicin, extracted from Cayenne pepper, stimulates the oxidation of sugars and fats. Other ingredients have been added to make this formula even more effective.

Xenatest Hardcore

Its formula integrates ultra-powerful active ingredients to create a synergy and an optimal hormonal environment to rapidly develop muscle mass. It is the most powerful testosterone stimulant allowing a gain of volume and important muscle mass.

Creatine Hardcore

The hyper-powerful creatine complex developed by our experts to improve your performance and develop maximum muscle mass gain. Its unique formula contains 14 active ingredients, some of which improve your physical performance to shock muscle tissue and lead to a gain in mass and volume. Then the carbohydrates and BCAA leads to a rapid recovery of tissues to develop a strong muscle density.

Gel Redburn

A new formula from 13 active ingredients to attack the subcutaneous fat locally and sharpen the physique provided it is applied regularly. The extract of laminaria digitata improves the appearance of the skin. The vasodilating action of methyl nicotinate helps to restore optimal microcirculation under the skin and prevent fat and water storage. Rich in moisturizing principles, it leaves a fresh scent and nourishes the skin.