The team

Today, we are about twenty employees, bodybuilding enthusiasts, sports coaches, and nutrition experts, all with ONE objective: to allow you to surpass yours, by offering you the best of sports nutrition, mixed with a real personalized support.

Created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

As a human-sized company based in the south of France, we are committed to meeting the needs of all our customers, by offering them a personalized and attentive customer service. During the 10 years of our existence, we have recruited the best coaches, nutritionists, dieticians and sports trainers, in order to develop effective and quality products, and to deliver expert advice to our customers.

We were keen to get closer to other equally passionate profiles, to nurture together this affection for sport and nutrition. Our employees find within the company real partners in sport, which allows them to help each other to achieve their respective goals.

Whatever the level or intensity at which it is practiced, sport and performance occupy a central place in the daily life of our teams, and this is why we want to unite as many people as possible around this passion that brings us together.

A human management approach

We make it a point of honour to make our employees proud, whether it is with regard to the products we produce or the trust placed in them. Superset Nutrition is constantly improving its quality of life at work, in order to offer its employees an enriching, gratifying, but above all human and social experience.

Our management is articulated around 5 axes:


That we share every day, that unites us and brings us together, and above all that allows us to carry the brand ever higher.


From the employee to the brand, and vice versa, since we believe that it is fundamental for a company to be fully committed to the good of its employees.


Because without it, there is no freedom. Freedom to create, to propose, to imagine, to produce... essential for everyone to give the best of themselves.


Because this is a value that we want to keep at the forefront, both internally and externally, in order to guarantee our customers a caring service and our employees a human experience.


Because it is essential for us that everyone can find their place, be congratulated for their successes, and above all be recognized for their qualities and victories.