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Gaining mass is not that easy, several factors come into play. Gaining mass requires patience. Generally, it is the beginners who are looking to gain mass quickly in order to build muscle. Very dry and ectomorphic people with a fast metabolism are also looking to gain mass. To build muscle, these people need a very high caloric intake because the body naturally burns the calories it is given.

In the progression and gain of muscle, training and nutrition are key factors for success. These are the two factors that will build muscle mass as quickly as possible. Weight gain is different from muscle gain. You need to have fat mass to eliminate it and bring out the muscle.

To optimize muscle gain, you need heavy training, regular sessions with short but intense sets. It is necessary to follow a precise and progressive diet with adapted doses.

The training

Before defining a well-constructed program, it is necessary to determine one's capacity for recovery. It is necessary to take stock of the situation in order to adapt the sessions according to the morphological and genetic profile. The recovery capacities will determine the ideal training frequency.

During training, heavy loads must be used. The fibers related to muscle volume are solicited during a violent effort. The series should be short but intense, as should the sessions. Of course, you must not forget to rest! Rest allows the muscles to rebuild and grow!


To gain muscle mass naturally, you must ensure that you have an appropriate diet. You must take into account your morphotype. A pure and hard ectomorph will have to significantly increase his intake from the beginning. An endomorph will keep the same caloric intake by varying the distribution of food. The ideal protein intake may vary from one person to another. A blood test is sometimes prepared for athletes to determine the optimal ratio of protein needed for maximum development. For carbohydrates, 5-8g per kg of body weight is recommended. The evolution of body fat should be monitored. Vitamins should not be neglected, they are the basis of all metabolic reactions in the body. Vegetables will also help to buffer the acidity of the body which reduces the capacity to build muscle.

What supplements should I use to supplement my routine?

Using protein powder to gain muscle mass is a plus for building muscle without fat. Protein is essential for building muscle.

Food does not always cover all our needs, protein powder can help to reach the daily quota. Unless you are vegan, milk proteins are the most recommended. The ideal is to take a whey protein shaker after training or as a snack and one of casein at night before bedtime.

Amino acid complexes or BCAAs contribute to protein synthesis and recovery.

Vitamins, which are essential for an optimal functioning of the metabolism, are essential and should not be neglected.

Creatine is not a priority for beginners, you must have at least a few months of practice to enjoy its booster effect.

For a woman, gaining mass is more difficult because the body is not programmed to gain as much muscle as men. They will have to be even more rigorous about their diet in order not to gain too much body fat...

To accelerate muscle growth, it is therefore necessary to adopt the right attitudes regarding diet and training. It is also important to plan, organize and adapt your progression to your capacities. Supplements can be an interesting help, provided they are used at the right time and in the right dosage.