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What is a gainer?

The gainer is a powder composed of proteins and carbohydrates. It is THE food supplement recommended in mass gain programs and when you want to increase your caloric intake. Depending on its composition, the gainer can be more or less loaded with carbohydrates or include other ingredients. Originally intended for underweight people, this preparation is now used in bodybuilding. The absorption of calories is simpler and faster for people who want to gain weight quickly.

The different types of gainers
The fast mass gainer or Hard gainer

This type of gainer is particularly intended for people who have a lot of trouble gaining weight. This type of gainer, very caloric and very rich in carbohydrates, has a ratio of protein to carbohydrates of 30%-70%. This allows you to maintain a positive nitrogen balance to better absorb the proteins. Generally, these are mixed protein sources so that they are released gradually. However, you must be careful, depending on the formula, some products are very high in calories and can cause you to gain fat. If you are not an ectomorph, go for a "lean gainer".

Lean gainer

Richer in protein (most often whey concentrate), these formulas are ideal for rapid muscle mass gain and controlled weight gain. Its protein ratio is equivalent to that of carbohydrates. In this case, the choice of carbohydrates comes mainly from complex sources (maltodextrin or oats) that act progressively. The gainer can also be composed of multiple formulas and can contain amino acids such as, for example, BCAA, glutamine, arginine or creatine with the aim of nourishing and repairing the muscles to promote anabolism and maximum volume gain.

Why take a gainer?

To gain weight

Protein formulas enriched with carbohydrates are designed for very dry people who are unable to gain weight. Among them, we find the ectomorphs. For them, gaining mass is complicated without a sufficient caloric intake. The gainer allows them to bring a sufficient caloric surplus to support the training and feed their muscles. We also find women who have difficulty putting on weight and who remain slim. This type of drink is ideal to gain a few pounds with an interesting ratio of carbohydrates and proteins.

In post-workout recovery

Lean gainers are recommended in this case, the mixture of proteins + carbohydrates is the best.

To pass a milestone

If you tend to gain muscle as well as fat and a gainer that is too rich in calories can cause fat gain, lean gainer is recommended. However, you must be careful to respect the doses, and reduce them if you gain fat.

When to take a gainer?

The two most important times for anabolism are in the morning when you wake up and in the hour after training. The best time to take a gainer is just after weight training in order to reconstitute the energy and amino acid reserves destroyed during the effort.

What are the side effects of a gainer?

Some gainers can be indigestible... Easy and quick to consume, it must be well mixed, and have a pleasant taste. Taken as a supplement to a diet, it should not interfere with digestion. The gainer was created to make consume high doses of calories in a fast and convenient way, it is thus disadvised to people who take fat easily.

What supplements should I use a gainer with?

A gainer can be used in combination with other supplements:

- With a dose of whey in the morning to promote a maximum anabolic environment.

- With amino acids to optimize the secretion of growth hormones and facilitate protein synthesis.

- With hormonal stimulants to boost testosterone known to promote gains in mass and strength.

- With boosters to make volume and allow progress in training.

- With creatine, valuable for having big and bulky muscles.

- Finally, with protein bars, to provide good quality protein and energy between meals.

To succeed in gaining healthy mass, it is important to choose the right foods and combine them intelligently. Using a gainer allows you to reach a high caloric total.