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Who hasn't dreamed of having a perfect figure? If you are looking for an effective way to slim down your figure, slimming gels could be your best bet.

Which slimming ingredients are effective?

Caffeine, a great ally

Caffeine is one of the key ingredients in slimming products. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful to boost lipolysis, the destruction of fat. It is often the main ingredient in the formulas of gels and slimming creams. It can be found in its purest state or from plants such as guarana.

Red vines and ivy

Poor circulation is often responsible for the appearance of cellulite and dimples. When blood circulation is slowed down, toxins accumulate and retain the adipocytes (fat cells). A better circulation and a stimulation of the lymphatic drainage will allow a natural elimination to refine your silhouette and decrease the orange peel effect.

Slimming effectiveness

The slimming gels and creams do not make you 'lose weight' but they target the loss of centimeters. By applying it regularly, the waist will be more refined. The massage action will help to destock fat, and the appearance and tone of the skin will be improved. The slimming gels and creams are all enriched with moisturizing ingredients to ensure soft and hydrated skin!

Our slimming gels

Developed for women, our Cryo Gel Redburn is a slimming gel that uses the principles of cryotherapy, a method that consists of locally lowering the body's temperature to stimulate the metabolism and trigger the elimination of fat cells in a sustainable manner. Menthol and alcohol lower the temperature, exerting a refreshing and firming action. The pink pepper oil comes to destock the greases by attacking directly the perilipine A. Thus you will find a smooth skin, and a thinned out silhouette.

The Gel Redburn Hardcore is the male version formulated from 13 active ingredients that attack subcutaneous fat. The extract of laminaria digitata in its formula, allows to improve the aspect of the skin by supporting the regeneration of the cutaneous cells. The methyl nicotinate has a vasodilator action allowing to restore an optimal microcirculation under the skin and to avoid effectively the fatty and hydrous storage. Thus, the Redburn gel supports the durable reduction of greases in a more localized way and improves the quality of the skin.

Advice for use

With regular application, slimming gels and creams will have a rapid effect on skin firmness. They should be applied in the morning and evening, on clean skin, massaging for a few minutes. The synergy of the ingredients and the massage will allow the penetration of the active ingredients, provoking lipolysis and activating the microcirculation. For more effectiveness, the creams and gels burners are to be used in addition to a healthy diet and sports practice.