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A pre-workout is a supplement, usually in the form of a powder to be diluted and drunk, which is taken before training and helps improve performance by increasing energy levels. They are complexes combining several ingredients that act synergistically to increase muscle volume and promote congestion. The best known are creatine, NO precursors or vasodilators.

What is the purpose of Pre-Workout?

The NO precursors will play a role of vasodilators, they will increase the blood flow that will irrigate the muscles. Nitric oxide (NO) allows for a much faster and more efficient supply to the muscle cells, thus making muscle congestion more intense thanks to an optimization of nutrient synthesis. NO is a gas present in large quantities in our muscles. It is a member of the family of vasodilators, which relax and dilate the walls of the blood vessels. The more blood flows into the muscles, the better the congestion. Then, in a second time, it participates in the activation of the protein synthesis. The congestion felt during training is due to the increase in NO synthesis. The intake of arginine increases the production of NO, especially during training when arginine reserves are weakened. The body also produces citrulline, which protects arginine from degradation. The combination of arginine and citrulline is therefore recommended to maximize the production of nitric oxide. Arginine can be found in some foods such as walnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, however their consumption will not significantly raise the physiological concentration of NO.

Why take a booster?

When blood circulation increases, the muscles benefit from this enlargement effect called "pump". The muscle benefits from a better supply of oxygen and a more massive arrival of nutrients. The muscles therefore appear larger, just like after a weight training session. The "pump" is a sensation of fullness and extreme muscle swelling, a sign of constant anabolism. NO, will enhance muscle contraction, making the muscles stronger and larger.

Muscles are then able to withstand more intense workouts, fatigue will be delayed and stamina increased. Nitric oxide also prevents muscular damage due to effort such as pain or soreness. The vasodilator action of NO also acts on sexuality, as it increases the diameter of the vessels and the blood flow, thus benefiting the libido.

How do they work?

They are often caffeine or amino acid based to stimulate hormonal response, dilate blood vessels and increase nutrient flow to muscles. The intake of arginine is recommended for bodybuilders. By participating in the reinforcement of the congestion which stimulates the muscular growth and makes the effect of volume last, the congestion is more visible and more durable. The blood flow dilates the muscle fibers and produces the "pump" effect, the effect falls if the rate No is not optimized on the long term. Its action will be useful for the congestion only at the time of the training.

When to consume a pre-workout?

Generally, it is consumed 30 minutes before your bodybuilding training. The effect of pre-workout will be maximal during the first weeks on mental and physical capacities, but with time, the effects of it will diminish if the body gets too used to caffeine. In this case, it is recommended to take a break for a few weeks.

The different types of pre-workout

There are different types of pre-workout also called volumizers or NO boosters.

With stimulant

We count caffeine, creatine, arginine or citrulline. They are generally highly dosed in caffeine, or even creatine. As they are used to boost energy we can note a form of addiction.

Without stimulant

Some molecules such as amino acids, BCAAs, carbohydrates or certain plants can be used in pre-training but without spectacular effect on performance.

They can be associated with :

Pre-workouts are for the most part already dosed with amino acids or creatine, however they can be alternated with the following products:

Glutamine: the potential of arginine to gain mass is recognized associated with glutamine during periods of oxidative stress. It increases cell volume and therefore potentiates the effects of NO.

Citrulline: in addition to its effects identical to those of arginine, it reduces muscle fatigue by raising the level of ATP and creatine phosphate in the muscle. It also helps to increase performance.

Taurine: similar to creatine, it increases the volume of muscle cells by bringing water into the muscles. In addition, it helps to delay the onset of fatigue during training.

Creatine: the effect on volume can be coupled with that of creatine monohydrate. By taking advantage of the opening caused by NO boosters, you will get more creatine into your muscles.

Our best pre-workout

Our coaches and nutrition experts have developed a unique pre-workout booster formula with several ingredients known for their stimulating effects such as caffeine, vitamin B3 and creatine. Caffeine helps to increase endurance performance and reduce exertion. Vitamin B3 maintains a normal energy metabolism and helps reduce fatigue. Creatine, for its part, allows to improve the physical capacities in case of successive series of intense exercises of short duration. Its formula answers perfectly the expectations of our champions for an effective and powerful pre-workout.